Security Risks

Our Security Risks team has the expertise and product range to provide bespoke solutions to a range of Security Risks including but not limited to, reputational risks, personnel risks, extortive and criminal risks, political risks, and terrorism risks.  Focussing on the corporate suite and the challenges faced by both growing and large corporates, the Security Risks team has the specialist consultancy and risk analysis capabilities to ensure that risks are managed and mitigated before they arise as well as dealing with a crisis as it evolves, helping our clients to PREVENT, PROTECT and RECOVER.


We specialise exclusively in a vast array of Security Risks which directly or indirectly impact the people, assets and data of businesses, families and individuals. We source solutions to these perils and build bespoke programs which protect our clients against these crises through a hybrid of insurance and access to the world’s leading crisis response firms. Our aim is to provide clients with innovative and bespoke products focused on client duty of care provision through indemnifying pre event resilience, risk mitigation and recovery.


We offer a global capability through the Price Forbes network and have specialists in the Asian and US markets.  We are a client-focussed team looking to place business where it is best placed for our clients, not the insurers.  We have a global outlook based on local delivery, ensuring our clients are serviced by advisors who will become part of their business planning structure over time.  We deliver a holistic capability through the complementary nature of the product as support to, and mitigation against claims on wider insurance products.  This “break glass” preventative approach to emerging issues protects our clients against triggering other policies thereby reducing the risk on their insurance portfolio across the range of insurable events.  We have a track record of successfully supporting global corporate clients with their reputational, cyber and security issues.


We offer indemnity solutions to provide businesses with pre-emptive policy triggers, enabling our clients to react to events “left of the bang”, and claims support to deal with the suspicion of, allegation of, imminent threat of, or tangible occurrence of the following perils:

  • Malicious and extortive crime
  • Reputation risks
  • Emerging risks
  • Political risks impacting people and assets
  • Criminal, politically and religiously motivated risks
  • Supply chain and product contamination
  • Emergency security and disaster evacuation (non medical)
  • Information & cyber risks
  • High risk and complex personal accident & workers compensation risks


  • Companies of all sizes who have concerns about crisis management, resilience and recovery
  • Any individual or company operating in challenging or remote territories
  • Any company with a large, high profile brand to protect
  • “Sharing economy” start ups
  • Those whose work may expose them to malicious actors
  • High net worth or high-profile individuals and families
  • Those who have experienced crisis in the past or believe they may be about to

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