Upstream and mid-stream operations including construction

Upstream and mid-stream operations including construction

A full spectrum of services, from exploration, through to development and construction, to production, distribution and storage.

Package policies or monoline placements can be arranged to provide coverage for:

  • Physical loss or damage in respect of all upstream and mid-stream assets, including offshore platforms, mobile drilling units, contractor owned floating units, pipelines (on and offshore), cables, subsea and floating production systems, associated onshore plant and property, terminals, jetties and storage facilities
  • Construction of upstream facilities including major offshore developments and related onshore facilities
  • Construction units
  • Oilfield services, land rigs and associated equipment
  • Pipe laying, associated service vessels, seismic vessels and equipment and onshore seismic crews
  • Control of well, seepage and pollution, re-drilling expenses and related additional coverage for all wells, including oil, gas, water and gas injection and geothermal, throughout the whole well life cycle
  • Financial risks e.g. business interruption
  • Loss of production, advance loss of profits, delay in start up and loss of hire
  • Third party and contractual liability, including pollution, in respect of all phases associated with upstream and mid-stream operations
  • Machinery and electrical breakdown
  • Political violence, including terrorism

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