The global energy business is made up of many diverse industries – we expect and are prepared for your specific insurance and risk management needs.

Competitive solutions are created for clients to protect against inherent business risks. Our experienced team has the ability to structure and enhance the value of insurance products which are available from the London and international insurance markets.

We also provide captive reviews, captive reinsurance programmes, insurance risk management, risk engineering and consulting.

Upstream, midstream and downstream operations including construction

A full spectrum of services, from exploration, through to development and construction, to production, distribution and storage.

  • Covering risks from exploration through to development and construction, to production, distribution and storage,  processing, refining, petrochemical activities and distribution both onshore and offshore on behalf of Principals and Contractors including drilling rigs, floating units and other valuable property associated with the onshore and offshore energy industry
  • Includes the risks associated with decommissioning assets at the end of their useful life
  • Working on behalf of Owners, Principals, Contractors, Governments, Licensors and Agents

Package policies or monoline placements can be arranged to provide coverage for:

  • Physical loss or damage in relation to valuable onshore and offshore property including platforms, pipelines, terminals and depots through to refineries, chemical / LNG plants / complexes, storage and distribution facilities and everything connected therewith
  • Construction of facilities including major onshore and offshore developments ranging from Central Processing Platforms and platform complexes to Floating LNG Units to small FPSO conversions to terminals and major Refineries and LNG and Chemical Complexes through to depots and storage including trunklines and pipelines and cables both on and offshore
  • Decommissioning operations
  • Oilfield services and contractors equipment
  • Seismic operations, vessels and equipment and onshore seismic crews
  • Control of well, seepage and pollution, re-drilling expenses and related additional coverage for all wells, including oil, gas, water and gas injection and geothermal, throughout the whole well life cycle
  • Financial risks e.g. business interruption
  • Loss of production, advance loss of profits, delay in start-up and loss of hire
  • Third party and contractual liability, including pollution, in respect of all phases associated with upstream, midstream and downstream operations including risks arising from providing services to the energy and hydrocarbon industries
  • Machinery and electrical breakdown
  • Political violence, including terrorism and war etc risks where appropriate

The Journey of the Drop

Some of the Price Forbes Energy team participated in a film called ‘Journey of the Drop’. The film looks at the state of play in the oil and gas industry as well as the innovative solutions that will create a bright future for operations and their stakeholders.

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