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We have worked with Price Forbes & Partners Ltd for some time. They have been very influential in focusing our work on clinical risk and have assisted us in seeing a number of safety issues through a different lens. In particular the team are excellent at effectively yet compassionately engaging with clinicians on difficult issues of governance and transparency. I have been impressed with the way they have built relationships with our teams based on achieving common ground arrived at by excellent data analytics.

This work they have undertaken for us is sensitive, often truly complex and can be the source of significant and enduring conflict in a healthcare organisation. The work of Lorraine and Mark has been invaluable to us moving to a very different place with regard to consistently learning from when things don’t go as planned.

Their approach is very consistent with modern thinking about the absolute need for incidents to be understood within the boundaries of psychologically safe spaces. We have seen how a systematic approach to developing psychological as well as process safety has contributed to our organisation becoming a preferred place of employment.

Chief Executive Officer – Public Sector

Compared to a traditional NHS perspective, Mark and Lorraine adopt a completely different methodology and style.  They helped to develop a risk-based approach to learning from what happens in organisations using an actuarial, evidence-based approach.  They have a highly interactive and engaging way of encouraging staff to describe incidents and are skilled at teasing out issues that would never be revealed in a typical ‘root cause analysis.’  I observed Mark successfully supporting an investigation where a senior nurse was being bullied by her manager to get the ‘right result’ from the investigation she was leading. 

I recall comments from staff including a Consultant Psychiatrist: ‘a novel and powerful way of being open and transparent about issues in the knowledge that we’re trying to improve and learn and not for staff to be hung out to dry.’  Nurses said: ‘I don’t feel my registration is under threat and the organisation is supporting me to learn so we can provide a better service to patients.’

Chief Executive Officer – Public Sector

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark and Lorraine for the past eight years. We have now come to rely on them for their in-depth clinical risk management skills, regulatory knowledge and advanced investigation skill set, coupled with their uncanny knack of getting to the root of an issue, with as few steps as possible.

It is these skills, that really sets them apart from others. We have been impressed not only by their knowledge but also the way they interact with people in our organisation, building relationships and delivering valuable advice and outcomes at all levels.

In my experience bringing in outside consultants can sometimes be difficult however working with Mark and Lorraine could not have been easier. We have benefited from their skills and continue to do so.

Chief Executive Officer – Private Sector

Some of the most impressive work I have seen Mark and Lorraine lead is the translation of their work into key organisational themes and then watch the commitment of the Executive leadership to develop a just culture.  This is a different relationship with staff that encourages openness and rewards candour.  Instead of staff being suspended or blamed they were encouraged to be part of the learning culture in the knowledge that it was safe to be open and transparent.  If the NHS could move to this open, supportive culture we would have more learning, fewer adverse incidents and a senior leadership that valued our staff and engaged with our patients in a meaningful contract of quality and learning. 

I cannot recommend Mark and Lorraine highly enough. They are professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, use an evidence-base for their work and focus on adding value to the organisation and embedding their knowledge and skills rather than taking it away with them.

Chief Operating Officer – Public Sector

I have worked with Mark and Lorraine for over one year as a subject matter expert within a large-scale review of serious clinical incidents for a local trust. Their legal and risk expertise and insight has been truly invaluable to this work and to my work as a GP, especially around the medicolegal framework. I feel that the quality of my clinical work within my practice has significantly developed because of my deeper understanding of the concepts of risk, risk assessment, harm, mental capacity and professional accountability.

Mark and Lorraine have been extremely generous in sharing their knowledge and experience which has enabled me to reflect on my own practice and that of my team.  Their emphasis has been on data quality and how organisations can learn from review processes.  I have gained an insight into the need to set accurate terms of reference for investigation and to establish effective systems for feedback and learning within an organisation.  Gaps in documentation, clinical handover and poor communication within the wider team are recurring themes in most serious case reviews. Improving these key areas is within the gift of all clinicians involved in patient care and in my practice, we have subsequently worked on refining our systems to reflect this.

GP Partner – Public Sector

I worked alongside Lorraine and Mark for more than a year within in a community NHS trust. I have been impressed with their professionalism, understanding of healthcare delivery and their excellent insight into clinical risk and risk management.  Their challenges during our discussions were constructive and demonstrated a breadth of understanding and knowledge.  I was also impressed with their planning sessions and delivery of the project whilst including a range of staff members at all levels.  Their passion to improve patient care and systems will no doubt leave a positive legacy for the Trust. 

Consultant Nurse – Public Sector

I had the pleasure of working closely with Mark and Lorraine for the past 18 months.  Their knowledge of improving patient safety, reducing risk and improving measurable outcomes is vast.  They have a unique way of working which enabled us to constructively challenge the ‘norm’ and implement organisational improvements.  They bring a positive energy which is infectious to those around them and promotes an enthusiastic mind-set to the tasks at hand.  With this innovative approach, their analytical qualities and support to staff they have consistently and significantly improved the standards of our work

Patient Safety Manager – Public Sector

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