We strongly believe in providing added value to our clients’ business through continuous provision of the highest possible standards of service throughout the claims process. This includes active claims negotiation, fast and effective step- by-step guidance, ultimately leading to an efficient settlement and collection process.

We aim to provide the same level of commitment and expertise when the policy is called upon to respond, as the client did when they first instructed us to place it.

We offer an emergency 24/7 response, continual liaison and visits to our clients. We have an experienced and stable Claims team that has worked together for many years. 

We have a strong, in-house advocacy claims team with deep-rooted experience. We are a strong advocate of expediting the entire claims management process as understanding the process enables us to provide an effective strategy to maximise the recovery.

Our expertise, combined with our market relationships, enables us to help the client to effectively and efficiently resolve even the most complex and potentially contentious claims.

We provide a comprehensive list of services including:

  • Intervention and resolution of issues with adjusters and carriers
  • Assistance in negotiating with insurers’ representatives
  • Claim strategy reviews
  • Coverage analysis and consultancy

We believe in active claims negotiation and fast and effective step-by-step guidance leading to an efficient settlement and collection process.

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