Hydrogen Webinar 2021

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EVENT DATE: 01 July 2021 - 01 July 2021

With global emissions of CO2 from fossil fuels & industry in 2019 estimated at 37 GT, a significant reduction in emissions is required to achieve the goals set out in the Paris Agreement over the next 30 years.

Green & blue hydrogen will play a huge role in the reduction of global emissions as countries battle to meet these targets and the hydrogen revolution has already begun.

We have therefore launched a multi-sector Hydrogen Team of excellence, comprised of leaders from their Energy, Power, Construction, Renewables, Marine/Transportation, Claims, Engineering and Liability Teams, to provide a holistic service through the full value chain of hydrogen development and its interconnectivities with other sectors of industry and society.

The team recently hosted a Hydrogen Webinar with two guest speakers from the hydrogen industry, Christopher Jackson, Chairman of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, and Andrew Cummings, Project Manager for DNV on Northern Gas Networks H21 Hydrogen Project.

The Webinar was well attended by representatives from across the insurance market, demonstrating the high level of interest in supporting the roll out of hydrogen technology over the coming years. This was on the same week of Prince Charles’s visit to Lloyds of London which heralded a fresh commitment from the insurance industry to building a more sustainable future.


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